(Social Action for Women Empowerment & Rural Advancement)
is working on different types of Awareness and Action programmes like

Working on Youth Empowerment

SAWERA provide platform to Youths, Youth clubs and work for their capacity building on various development issues in the Rural Areas of punjab

Working on women health issues ( Rch) Goal

Improved Reproductive and Child Health status in the Block Verka of District Amritsar by end of the Project.

Objectives -
• To increase complete ANC coverage
• To reduce unmet need for limiting
• To improve Institutional deliveries .
• To improve Immunization status
• To reduce Adolescent marriages & pregnancies

Services -
• Facilitating service delivery
• Behaviour change communication
• Adolescent education
• Facilitating immunization camps with department
• Focus group discussion with pregnant women
• Nuked nataks

Working on Environmental Conservation

Working on Environment conservation and conduct several programmes on plantation in various schools and institutions and take pledge to grow more plant for healthy environment.

HIV / AIDS Prevention

Targeted intervention (TI) project

Objective -
• To mitigate HIV transmission among the commercial sex workers (CSWs) high risk group.

Services -
1. Counseling for STDs/HIV/AIDS prevention
2. Referral network and linkages with HIV testing, STI testing and various other care & support services.
3. Condom promotion
4. Treatment of STDs
5. Awareness generation regarding STDs/HIV/AIDS through Behavior Change Communication session i.e. One to One and One to Group, Street Plays and Audio visual shows etc.
6. Counseling on issues related with sex and sexuality
7. Medicine to STD clients